International Academy of Management and Technology (INTAMT e.V. Dusseldorf, Germany) was registered/founded on the 12th of April, 2005 on a joint initiative of Russian and German private persons, educational institutions and research institutes. One of its leading founders, Professor Eduard Patrik had the vision that the mutual progress and peaceful relations between Europe and the Russian Federation in the post soviet era could be better reached by the transfer of knowledge and sharing experiences.

Personal meetings to specific topics between Russian and European protagonist are supposed the guarantee the building of personal relations, learning about each other’s cultural backgrounds, exchange of knowledge thus pursuing to secure a long-term development of the civil society in Russia. Since 2005 INTAMT has been creating a platform for network of know-how transfer that the organisation considers as the basic principle for working together in long-term projects.

Our goal is to organise events promoting mutually beneficial cooperation between Germany and the EU-countries on the one part, and the Russian Federation and the CIS on the other part.
Through conferences, study visits, seminars and direct contacts to the German organisations, including political, public and private institutions, Russian and European specialists are brought together and close networks between them are built.

We focus our special attention on:

- Organising training projects for educational and upgrading purposes aimed at specialists, students and postgraduates from Russia and CIS countries, so that they could acquaint with an advanced experience and Know-How of Germany and other European countries at first hand.
- Organising participation of experts from Russia and CIS countries in trade fairs, conferences, summits and other events taking place in Germany or Europe.
- Promoting the cooperation between experts from Russia and CIS countries on the one part and from Germany and other European countries on the other promoting the exchange of innovation technologies.
- Preparing and organising events within the frame of a partner relationship between Russian cities and towns on the one part and German and European ones on the other.

Subjects of the events we organise vary a lot and are determined by the wish of our partners and clients.

Our activity is centred on the following subjects:

- Educational service, principles and structure of educational management, teaching standards and didactics;
- Personnel training and upgrading;
- Management and promotion of research and innovation activities;
- Innovation management and organisation of innovation economy development;
- Public and municipal administration;
- Administration and sustainment technologies in municipal entities (housing management, local power production, district heating; water service and spillway, recycling of wastes);
-I nnovation technologies of power generation, renewable energy, independent power plants, principles and methods to stimulate development in the field of energy;
- Organisation, instruments and technologies focused on the environmental protection and sustainable development;
- Organisation of social safety net and public health service;
- Social safety and integration of the disabled;
- Education and professional integration of the disabled.