The main characteristics of the INTAMT activities are as follows:

Subject matter and form of an event or project are chosen in a close cooperation with the clients and/or and partners, or initiated by the Academy on basis of analysis of social-political and economic situation, as well as the science/technology development trends in the EU, Russia and the GIS countries determining the most topical issues of their development.
On the basis of the agreement or on the own initiative our experts develop the preliminary program of the event and send it to the companies which could be potentially interested in it and/or to the companies in our network. 
Having received confirmation and improvement suggestions Academy experts coordinate the time schedule and the content of the event with the European partners and carry through all the preparation measures necessary for the event realisation.

Event programs usually include:

  • Lectures and presentations of leading European experts in the field of the event;
  • Visits of the organisations, plants and companies, where participants could get acquainted with their day-to-day operation, as well as learn about management decisions, technologies, techniques and machinery at first hand. Negotiations on the mutually beneficial cooperation are also possible;
  • For each and every educational event Academy experts develop analytical reports and presentations and give an introductory lecture introducing the participants into the aspects of the problem specific for the countries where the event takes place;

While organising training for specialists, teachers, postgraduates and students, all the participants are given a chance of working and communicating with their European protagonists on-site;
All the event programs include guided tours, visits to theatres, museums, exhibitions, which is an integral part of the events contributing to the development of mutual understanding between the parties on the cultural level.