Since the year 2006 INTAMT started to emphasize on such aspects as social security and equal rights for people with disabilities. INTAMT started to get project-oriented after gaining a great knowledge of the European and Russian political and economical circumstances and developing own network it these areas. INTAMT started staffing Experts in Social, Communication and Lobby Politics and is now active in these fields. 

In 2006 INTAMT began the first information campaign with the co-organisation of an Exhibition in Moscow where Social Posters, which were made by German and Russian design Students with the topic of “social values”. Since then the international academy worked with German and Russian Non-Governmental Organisations, municipal and regional Governments as well as national political institutions on the issues of social policies and the rights of people with disabilities in these countries.

During the realisation of the project the following activities are planned:

- development of a conceptual idea of the activity, as well as the structure of the centre, staffing establishment, its functions and goals;

- preparation of organisational documents in order to conduct a registration of the centre.personnel recruitment;

- acquisition of partners (individual persons and legal entities) for the cooperation in the realisation of the project;

- purchase of equipment for the centre;

- training of personnel and partners;realisation of PR campaign promoting a positive image of the centre and informing disabled about its activity;

- organisation of consultations for disabled on a regular basis;

- launching the centre operation according to its functions.